Chakwal is one of the agricultural hubs of Pakistan that is also rich in heritage and history. The district is delicate romance between different religions mainly Islam and Hinduism. The shrine of Chehl Abdal is a mystical structure standing in dogged devotion on a hill top at 3500 feet above sea level. Other important shrines such as Hazrat Baba Faird Ganj Bakhsh, Hazrat Sultan Baho, and Hazrat Aho Baho are also located in the district.

Must Experience When in Chakwal District

Kallar Kahar
Katas Raj Temple
Khewra Salt Mine
Soan Valley
Swaik Lake
Malot Temple

Trips you can experience

More About Chakwal District

The famous Katas Raj Temple holds monumental significance for Hindus due to its mention in Mahabharata is located here and attracts many Hindus and tourists every year. The temple can be visited by climbing flights of stairs which lead to the serenity of dark rooms exclusive for meditation and self reflection. Kallar Kahar is a much talked about lake that attracts tourists in flocks every year to witness its majestic beauty and enjoy boating experiences with their loved ones. One of the highlights of the Chakwal District are Khewra Salt Mines and coal mines which are the source of livelihood for many and are much raved about tourist attractions.

Being one of the agricultural hubs, Chakwal District offers tourists the unique experience to zoom into the life of farmers and enjoy freshly procured mustard, wheat, grains, peanuts and loqats.

Other tourist attractions include Siki Lake, Chakwal music scenes and many more!

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