Engraved with Nature

Become one with nature in the Gigit District. The valley offers a surreal view of the mountains with glacial lakes of Naltar Valley making it a perfect resort for skiing. Naltar is a Pine forest valley predominantly known for being home to 7 coloured lakes. Moreover, the valley is surrounded by majestic mountains and hosts a wide variety of exotic wildlife making it a dream vacation spot.

Must Experience When in Gilgit District

Kutwal Lake Haramosh
Naltar Ski Resort
Kargah Buddha
Naltar Valley
Bagrote Valley
Oshikandass Walk

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More About Gilgit District

On the other hand, Bagrote Valley is an experience for peak lovers who wish to exercise their trekking muscle. The valley also houses the Danyore Valley Suspension Bridge constructed over a century ago, leading into the tunnels constructed by Gilgit District's locals. Gilgit District is strategically nestled between Chilas and Karimabad just off the Karakoram Highway. The valley is home to many cultural and historical memoirs that are testament to the existence of the Silk Route in the district.

The Silk Route opened doors to not only the trade of goods but also to a deeply enriching melange of cultures, ideas and skills which makes modern day Gilgit District a junction of civilizations and religions. It was immersed in Buddhism centuries ago and travelers can still hear echoes of its religious influences all over the valley. Just 10 kilometres from Gilgit is the Kargah Valley that boasts a statue of Buddha intricately carved into a mountain dating back to the 8th century.

Ever wondered what living in a bouquet of cherry blossoms would feel like? Plan your trip to Gilgit around March April so that you can witness the Cherry Blossom (sakura) Season in its full bloom and experience the nature handiworks at its best! Other touristic valleys include Oshikhandass village walk, Kutwal Lake in Haramosh Valley, Jaglot and Nomal.

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