Dive into the romance, mysticism, and history of one of Pakistan's richest provinces, that is, Sindh. From an extensive tour of Karachi's coastal charms to soulful visits of the most well-known shrines in interior Sindh, and culturally rich retail therapies overall – this package will hit a chord with those who feel they were born in the wrong century. Sindh was the center of the ancient Indus Valley civilization that dates to the 2,500 BCE. Over the course of the next 5 millennium the region has evolved into hundreds of ethnicities and tribes with the modern-day metropolis of Karachi serving as its capital. But is there a common thread to the past and present? We let you discover this in a unique exploration format where you travel the interior valleys of Sindh, visit prehistoric sites and modern day bazaars, and witness the fusion of culture and diverse ethnicities in the modern port city of Karachi. Take a trip to witness the evolution of one of the earliest civilizations on earth with Chalo Pakistan and trace back to the historical milestones that led to where Sindh is today. Here is a 10-day itinerary of our Sindh: 2,500BCE to metropolis to get you excited.



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