Abbottabad is home to a tourist spot called Harnoi which hosts a string of lush green mountains carpeted with different species of trees and herbs as well as clear water streams. One of the myriad tourist attractions is Ayubia National Park a well reserved resort complex and picnic spot. The park is home to approximately 104 species of flora and fauna, approximately 203 species of birds and 31 species of mammals such as hill fox and Asiatic leopard.

Must Experience When in Abottabad District

Harnoi Lake
Miranjani Top
Donga Gali
Governor House
Ayubia National Park

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More About Abottabad District

The region is generously populated with hotels, shops, bazaars and roadside kiosks to provide the quintessential subcontinental experience to visitors. Enjoy the antics of resident monkeys and exotic birds in their natural habitat here while you devour hot piping food prepared by the locals. Tourists also come in swarms to Abbottabad District for Saint Luke's Church a treasure trove for the locals because of its historical anchor. The church was built in British colonial times and accrues new levels of serenity against the snow kissed, mountainous backdrop of Abbottabad.

In short, the region is ideal if you want press pause on life and experience true rural nirvana. Other attractions include Haripur and many more.

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