With a hint of urbanization and a whole lot of culture, heritage and cuisines, Peshawar Valley is the best of both worlds. History buffs will love this valley for its colonial architectural offerings as well as nature borne wonders. Peshawar Valley's history dates back to 539 BCE making it one of the oldest cities in South Asia and the oldest in Pakistan. The valley located near the eastern end of Khyber Pass served as the center of the historical Gandhara region and was also the centre of the Kushan Empire.

Must Experience When in Peshawar District

Gor Khatri
Peshawar Museum
Khyber Pass
Mahabat Khan Mosque
Qissa Khwani Bazar
Islamia College

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More About Peshawar District

Chowk Yadgar (formerly known as Hastings Memorial) and Cunningham clock tower built in 1900 are testament to the region's colonial influences. The valley is also brimming with monuments reminiscent of its Buddhist influence. These monuments include Gorkhatri an ancient site of Buddha's alms, Pashto Academy site of an ancient Buddhist university and Shahji ki Dheri the site where the famous Kanishka stupa stands.

The valley of Peshawar is a hub of religious diversity. The Panch Tirath ancient Hindu site with five sacred ponds, Gorkhatri site for Hindu yogis, Guru Gorakhnath temple and Asamai temple all vouch for the valley\'s religious heterogeneity.

Other places to visit include Mohabbat Khan Mosque, Qasim Ali Khan Mosque, Peshawar Museum and large variety of parks and recreational spots.

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