The valley is a congregation of snow capped mountains, diverse flora and fauna, and unreal valleys and lakes. Ghizer District acts as liaison between Gilgit Chitral District via Shandur Pass and is a reflection of heaven on Earth. Witness Kargah Nalla a body of water with iconic status in all its glory in this district. There are many folk tales around the history of Kargah Nalla and a plethora of myths that often lure explorers to this district.

Must Experience When in Ghizer District

Phander Valley Lake
Yasin Valley
Ishkoman Valley
Karumbar Valley
Shandur Pass

Trips you can experience

More About Ghizer District

The lakes in Ghizer have an abundant supply of trout fish. Are you ready for the cathartic experience of fishing in silence while the water from the lake sways in harmony? The Phander Lake is another one of Ghizer's star attractions that offers tourists to entertain their love for hiking, trekking, hunting and swimming. Make sure to taste the icy, blue water of the Ishkoman valley tucked among the rocky mountains of Hindu Kush and Karakoram range about 140 km from Gilgit. The valley also attracts students who wish to study niobium tantalum & tin tungsten minerals in detail.

Ghizer District is a farmer\'s goldmine. Other tourists attractions include Chilas the starting point of the most scenic views, rock inscriptions in Chilas, Ghakuch, Gupis, Darkot, Yasin, local polo sports.

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