Larkana Shikarpur District offers a diverse cultural experience with a hint of regality. The place was once known as the Paris of Sindh due to its strategic location for trade. Dhak Bazaar, also considered the centre of old city, is a long shopping street bustling with shops on both sides. You 'd find the most superior quality of teak woodwork here! Shahi Bagh Royal Gardens are another must visit site for those who are mesmerized by the mystique and extravagance of the Mughal Era. The gardens are brimming with exotic flowers and fauna along with a wooden pavilion by Sir W. Merewether

Must Experience When in Larkana Shikarpur District

Shahi Bagh Royal Gardens
Bhutto Mausoleum
Dhak Bazar

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More About Larkana Shikarpur District

Tourists can visit many famous archeological sites in and around Larkana Shikarpur District. One of them is The City of Mohenjodaro largest city in Indus civilization dating back to 2500 BC and touted as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The ruins of Mohenjodaro are a cerebral treat for explorers who can admire the haunting glory of sculptures, currency and pottery from their era in Mohenjodaro Museum, Larkana. Other tourist attractions include Shahnawaz Bhutto Public Library, Gari Khuda Bux, Bhutto Family Mausoleum a structure with a striking resemblance to Taj Mahal.

The walls of this mausoleum are decorated with tiles with calligraphic inscriptions and fresco work inspired by Sindhi Hala patterns.

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