Kaleidoscope of Cultures

The Astore District is a cluster of valleys and small villages making it a kaleidoscope of cultures, cuisines and craft. Some of the most fascinating and well known views in Astore include Nanga Parbat (Rupal Face), Chilim, Kala Pani, Rama Lake, Gutumsar Pershing and many more. The Rama Valley is the most iconic one out of this cluster for tourists who live for the adrenaline kick that comes from trekking peaks.

Must Experience When in Astore Diamer District

Mt. Nanga Parbat
Fairy Meadows
Rama Valley
Chilas Rock Inscriptions
Chilas Meadows

Trips you can experience

More About Astore Diamer District

You 'd find some of nature's best strokes in the Astore Valley and while you feast your eyes on the serene views you can feast on fresh fish from the lake. The mountains and lakes are embraced by a sea of mountains making it one of the most spectacular places to spend time with a loved one. This region is a haven for wildlife lovers especially the Deosai plains (means 'the land of giants ') which is counted amongst the highest plateaus in the world. The Deosai Plains are home to exotic creatures such as golden marmot, red fox and many more.

Astore has also attracted bird lovers from all over the world since its home to over 124 migratory and resident hunter birds including laggar falcon, golden eagle and griffon vulture. Don \'t forget to capture the beauty of these animals with the mountain s serving as a backdrop in Deosai National Park located between Skardu, Khamang, Astore and Gultari Valleys.

The district is known for its huge variety of potatoes and is an ideal place for every foodie who thinks fries should be a separate food group.

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