Embraced by sky high mountains, Skardu Kharmang valley is nature's handiwork at its best. The valley is brimming with historic architecture and waterfalls that seem like they are a piece from an unfinished magnum opus of nature. The valley is heavily peppered with majestic forts which is why it's called 'Kharmang ' two Baltic words Khar (means Fort) and Mang (means abundant) lumped together.

Must Experience When in Skardu Kharmang District

Shangrila Resort
Kharpocho Fort
Satpara Lake
Manthoka Waterfall
Deosai Plains
Sarfaranga Cold Desert

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More About Skardu Kharmang District

Kharpocho Fort (meaning The King of Forts) sits on the conference point of the rivers in the valley. Over the years, the monumental rocky structure has become a tourist attraction along with Kharmang Fort another antiquated masterpiece just 110km away from Skardu. Tourists come in troves to experience Nansoq Organic Valley's raw and natural vibe. Just behind the Kharpocho Fort, this hidden gem has been declared an organic valley and a historical site that has hosted esteemed guests such as Prince Charles and His Highness Prince Karim Aga Khan.

Tourists gravitate towards the region because of the fortresses, glacial peaks and because of its strategic location that makes it the gateway to major summits. Shangrila Resort is one of the most preferred hotels in the valley because of the scenic views it offers from its windows. The resort is built on a lake and is approximately 35 minutes away from Skardu and famous for providing accessibility to Kachura Lake Trail. Tourists can also press pause on life and enjoy the serenity of Satpara Lake where they can indulge in fishing and boating in peace.

Other pictorial vistas in Kharmang include Mehdiabad, Skardu Night Market, brown bears and flora as well as the rustic appeal of Cold Desert also known as Katpana Desert.

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