Khuzdar District is a treasure trove of oases and ominous mountains. Considered a slice of heaven by many, Moola Chutok is a scenic view nestled in the heart of the Khuzdar District. The oasis is a vision to behold with cascading waterfalls and lush green fauna. The district has also taken centrestage in Pakistan's mineral industry for its abundant supply of minerals such as Brucite a form of magnesium hydroxide and Quartz, Argonite and Epidote.

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Moola Chotak
Pir Chattal

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More About Khuzdar District

The city of Khuzdar is located on the National Highway linking Pakistan, Iran and Turkey which makes it a hotbed of culture, history and craft. Did you know that during the Arab rule, the Khuzdar District was part of the province of Turan and Khuzdar was the capital? The district also served as a battleground for the people of Jhalawan as they raged again the Khan of Kalat in 1869.

Due to its history of being reigned by rulers from different cultures, Khuzdar is a harmonious marriage of nature\'s handiwork and diverse traditions. Most people are under the false impression that Balochistan is a dry and barren province which is not true.

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