The Tharparkar District is a prominent chapter in the book of spirituality in the subcontinent. You 'd find myriad mosques and temples in this district to satiate your curiosity about religion. The Gori Temple is a 125 ' by 50 structure standing on stone pillars, decorated with marble detailing from Rajputana. Jain Temple Virwah is another religious site worth a visit. Open group pillars made of stone with carved capitals make this temple an architectural wonder.

Must Experience When in Tharparkar District

Karoonjhar Hills
Marvi\'s Well
Jain Temple
Tharparkar Desert

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More About Tharparkar District

Tharparkar District's spiritual hook also reflects in the grand Bhodesar Mosque. A small marble structure with white pillars is said to have been built in 1436 AD. Tourists flock to Naukot Fort to bask in its raw yet grand aura and complex architectural properties. The fort constructed in 1814 AD is a larger than life brick structure that served as a palatial residence for Mir Talpurs during their rule. The mountains of Tharparkar also add to the aesthetic high you are sure to get in this district.

Karoonjhar Mountains are located near Nagarparkar and are rich in Chinese clay and granite rocks. The range has several places of historical importance, like Gao Mukhi, Alakh wao (hidden well) Sardaro, Bhodeser talao and Anchlechure.

Other tourist attractions include Jane Temples near the Bodesar Dam, Marvi\'s Well

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