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We have partnered with 5-star hotel groups and accommodation services to bring you variety in lodging all over Pakistan without compromising on the quality you deserve. Book with us and prepare to be spoilt in premium suites and serene resorts, luxurious residential villas for families, boutique hotels and private chalets, and serviced campsites in the mountains and the wild – all at the best price match!

Wherever we go together we ensure that your hotel and room preferences are always noted and delivered by our team. Our excellent partner network and experienced team check you into deluxe rooms and executive suites replete with indulgent amenities such as complimentary access to executive lounges, inclusive spa, and wellness center passes, and majestic room views. Whether it is a half board or checking in for the night, we make sure that you never have to compromise on quality and comfort.

Book with us to enjoy hassle-free hotel reservations and cancellations because we have it all covered in our packages. No need to stress about a change in flight timing or your vacation plans. Just give us a call and we will rebook or cancel hotel bookings according to your preference. It’s that easy!

There are no bumps on this road trip! Our fleet of premium SUV and SUT vehicles, helicopters and private jets are available to ensure a smooth journey across Pakistan and its remote areas at the best price possible.

We have arranged round-the-clock, experienced drivers who have the expertise to conquer all terrains so that you can relax and enjoy the ride. Terrains in Pakistan can be perilous, but you are never out of options or backup plans when you book with us. Our network of standby replacement vehicles will reach you within 2-6 hours wherever you are in the country and emergency evacuations due to unforeseen weather conditions can be swiftly arranged to ensure maximum security for our guests.

Helicopter journeys have been added into some of our premium tour packages to offer you unique experiences of Pakistan’s terrains. These helicopter journeys and private jet charters are designed to help our guests cut down on long inter-state road travel times and the dependency on domestic commercial flights. Commercial flights can often have unannounced disruptions and cancellations and do not cover the remote locations in Pakistan. While our private jets and helicopters can help you take off and land in style on airstrips and rough terrains and carry on with your designed tour plan. Do not miss out on this unique air travel experience offered only by Chalo Pakistan!

Stay online in the remotest of areas with free Wi-Fi. Go live or call a friend and travel with them virtually because all our Chalo Pakistan vehicles come with 24/7 Wi-Fi on-board.

For each of the provinces in Pakistan, we have carefully selected a fleet of high-performance, premium vehicles that match the terrain so that you never have to turn around from reaching an exquisite view in the mountains, valleys, desert, or at the coast. You can view our network of vehicles stationed in 4 of the biggest cities in Pakistan (Karachi, Quetta, Islamabad, Peshawar) and select one that covers the district/region of your journey.

We have crafted our itineraries after extensive research into each province and district to bring out the best and ensure an all-encompassing experience for you. There is something to cater to every aspect of your personality.

We have arranged for hiking and trekking in the mountains, cross-country cycling, skiing, fishing, trophy hunting, national park safaris, camping in the wilderness, marine adventure, and helicopter tours for the thrill chaser in you. The naturalists in you would love our tour packages that let you discover exclusive views of glaciers, canyons & ravines, waterfalls, nature valleys, deserts, beaches, islands and so much more.

With Chalo Pakistan you get to savor traditional food, evolving fine-dining concepts, BBQ bonfires by the beach or lakeside, roadside food in main bazaars. Our tour packages feature local bazaars for best buys, meetups with indigenous tribes, homestays in villages, and local lifestyle tours for the culture enthusiast in you.

You will also visit world heritage sites, museums, and spiritual sites across Pakistan with us. Dive deep into the ethnic art, poetry and literature, Sufi music, local fashion, and ethno-tourism as we zoom through different districts of Pakistan.

Let our travel designers advise you on the best match of experiences according to your taste. Call us now and book your travel consultation session with our travel design team.

Our people bring a cumulative 200 years of experience in local and international tourism operations. From sales call handling to our drivers and the service crew, everyone is driven to provide you with the best trip experience.

Travel Designers – Our travel consultants help you in uncovering your own travel needs and then match them with the hundreds of places to visit, and experiences to enjoy and accommodation and conveyance to choose.

Tour Managers – We have a selective pool of licensed and experienced guides in each region. The tour manager remains with you throughout your journey and is always available to assist you with your needs. The tour managers are assigned by the travel designer according to your needs. They range from 5 to 25 years of local tour experience and are varied in their area of expertise. For a city and food tour, we provide younger guides who are more aware of the latest trends and venues, for a hunting tour we arrange for professional hunting guides and support staff from the area. For hiking the mountain treks in the north, we arrange for trained guides. And for culture and nature tours we source specialists who have more than 10 years of experience with the local area and community. Our tour managers speak English, Chinese, Arabic, and Russian besides Urdu and the local languages which help them to communicate easily between you and the local community. There are about 64 ethnic languages spoken in Pakistan and having a professional interpreter on your journey will help you make great memories and human experiences wherever you travel.

Ground Handling – The tour managers coordinate with the tour designer about your trip status and any change of plans to make sure all your needs are covered. The tour manager also works as a team with the tour driver to plan routes, maps, and any itinerary changes.

From receiving you at the airport to helping you check in to hotels, covering your cash needs, and capturing your professional video log. Our tour managers have been handpicked to give you the comfort and the space to enjoy your trip completely hassle-free.

The tourism sector in Pakistan is fully committed to putting the visiting people and their well-being first. Chalo Pakistan strongly believes that cooperation and understanding is vital for ensuring the safe guarding and implementation of all measures been recommended by the international bodies like UNWTO and WHO the World Tourism and Health Organizations. These and more are adapted in the country, where the tourism destinations are rated of its own class and expected to have a huge footfall of international tourists sooner than later.

The SOP's been formulated under the supervision of the relevant Government Ministry are detailed in the link herewith. They not only includes the internationally recommended practices but also measured steps consistent in proportionate to the public health threats and based on local risk assessments also. These steps been implemented involves, and not limited to, every part of the tourism value chain - public bodies, private companies and tourists, in line with the the international bodies overall guidance and recommendations.

For more information, download PDF file.


We are a registered and licensed tourism company with the state department, provincial and federal tax and revenue authorities, and administrative tourism bodies. We work closely with the state tourism body before your arrival to make sure your safety is well covered by local law enforcement wherever you travel within Pakistan.

We offer you multiple modes of secure online payments. We try to minimize cash transactions throughout our operations. For our foreign travelers visiting Pakistan, you can book your travel package through a safe and secure wire and telegraphic transfer. You can also use your MasterCard and Visa credit cards via our online website.

We are the 1st ones to introduce cash-less travel in Pakistan. Most vendors in Pakistan still do not accept credit, and ATMs can be difficult to locate in the remote areas. We save you from the trouble of currency conversion once you are in Pakistan. We instead take it on us to finance all your cash needs during your travel such as food, shopping, tickets at local venues, and any other purchase or expense.

We ask you to deposit a fixed USD amount with us based on our estimation of the cash needs during your trip. This amount can be deposited in cash or blocked on a credit card like any other auto-rental booking. After your trip, we deduct from this any cash that you borrowed during your trip and return the balance in USD. This saves you from the hassle of carrying any cash with you during your trip and provides you with complete financial security.


We provide you a safe gateway to apply for your tourist, business and visit visa to Pakistan. Our services include visa consultation services, assembling your visa application papers, application letter from our side to the concerned department as we are a registered tour company, applying and liaising for your visa with the concerned public department, and resubmitting any further documents.

We do not provide guarantees on visa issuance; however, our team of experts keeps you informed throughout the process and sets your expectations accordingly.

If you are an international tourist visiting Pakistan, you will need more than a visit visa to roam freely in the country. Most places in Pakistan require access permits and approval documentation for foreign travelers and the process to acquire them is not always clear. These permits are to be acquired from state authorities and local bodies.

Our network team has good knowledge and experience in expediting these documents from state authorities and local bodies. Our travel designer will advise you on these permits ahead of time and make you aware of the timelines needed to procure these documents.

Note for the trophy hunting activity securing all the permits could take up to a month before your arrival. Also, activities such as booking inter-state helicopter rides, mountain summits in the north, and marine island visits in the south can take extended approval time even for local travelers. We keep you informed on the status and always encourage you to approach us 3-4 weeks in advance to your travel dates as there could be special permits involved with your desired activity.

The Advantages of Booking with Chalo Pakistan


Guaranteed for peace of mind

We are a destination management company. Our network offices are spread across the country ensuring the timely and professional delivery of all your destination needs.


Our corporate partnership with the hotels, venues, and transport businesses help us secure unmatched price and unquestionable value.


We cater to foreign inbound tourists, and have shaped our tours to match the needs of the international traveler. We have perfected 30 trip designs and allow further options to customize to your needs.

Access to local expertise

All our local agents have been chosen based on rigorous selection criteria, including English-speaking ability, fairness of prices, and knowledge of their destination.

How do locally-made trips work?


Visit our website and discover our 30 curated products. The products are divided into 6 specialized tour themes covering the best of Pakistan’s tourism.

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Share your travel details and request for customization through our interactive online forms. We have included the accommodation, transportation and activities to the best thematic design, but you may request to add more days, or destinations, or activities.

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Read through our website for further destination guide and apply for your visa through our assisted service. Secure your itinerary and accommodation by paying through our online platform and get ready to be welcomed at the airport.

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