Sukker District is one of the up and coming tourist destinations in Pakistan. The crumbling, ancient capital of Sindh Arore is known for its rustic appeal. Visit the Rohri Arore here which is a 1,300 years old mosque which is also considered the first mosque in South Asia. Sadhu Bhelo is known for its exquisite Hindu Temples. Teerath Asthan is the biggest Hindu temple in Pakistan located on a small Island on Indus River. The walls of this temple are covered with intricate artwork and carvings in marble to add that wow factor to your tip to Sukkur District. Monks usually come to visit these temples as part of their spiritual retreat.

Must Experience When in Sukkur District

Ayub Bridge
Mian Adam Shah Tomb
Kalkan Devi Mandir
Mohammad Bin Qasim Mosque
Sadh Belo
Seven Sisters Tombs

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More About Sukkur District

Moreover The Lansdowne Bridge is a vision standing tall in the heart of Sukkur District. The bridge arches over Indus River and offers gorgeous views of the water body. You 'd also find Ayub Bridge adjacent to this bridge. Fun fact: Back when it was built, Ayub Bridge became the first railway bridge that was hanging on coiled wire rope with the world's third longest railway arch! The district is also heavily peppered with shrines like Kalka Cave Temple and Shri Ban Khandi Maharaj Temple located on Sadh Bhelo Island.

You \'d also find the majestic Faiz Mahal in Jamshoro a palatial tribute to Mughal architecture built in 1798 to serve as primary court to Talpur monarchs. Other tourist attractions include Masoom Shah Jo Minaro mirroring Islamic architectural preferences during Mughal Emperor Akbar\'s era, Sukkur Barrage, Lab e Mehran, Muhammad Bin Qasim Mosque in Aror, Mehrano Wildlife Sanctuary, Kot Diji and many more!

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