With a rich archeological heritage, Kalash Valley is one of the highlights of Chitral District. Enjoy the cultural festivities of the valley replete with colours, music and dance in local festivals scattered throughout the year for example: Joshi (arrival of spring) and Uchau (celebrations held when fresh made cheese comes from the pastures).

Must Experience When in Chitral District

Ayun Chitral
Chitral Fort
Chitral National Park
Kalash Valley
Mt. Trich Mir
Shandur Polo Ground

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More About Chitral District

Plan a trip around spring time to catch the Chilam Joshi Festival a 4 day traditional affair filled with dance, music, food and so much more to experience the spirit of the valley. Chitral is also home to some of the most prominent mountainous beasts in Pakistan, one of them being Tirch Mir which stands at 25, 289 feet and is also the highest peak of Hindu Kush. The valley is surrounded by peaks with Hindukush Mountains in the north west, Karakoram in the north east and Hindu Raj range in the south. Women of Kalash are known for their distinctive black robes embellished with colourful beads often paired with a feathered hat.

Tourists get to dive into the kaleidoscopic culture of the valley by wearing local Kalashi dresses and becoming a part of the valley\'s traditional dances. Chitral is an amalgamation of many rules that passed in its history. The valley has lived through Iranian rule, Kushan rule, Chinese rule, Kalash rule as well as Rais rule and many more. Experience the faint reverberations of all these rules in the festivities, culture and cuisine of the Kalash valley.

In short, the Chitral District is a repository of arts, culture and tradition bursting with colours just ask Prince William and Kate Middleton!

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