Chaghi District also known as Chagai District is considered the largest district of Pakistan and is located in the north west corner of Balochistan. The district is a harmonious marriage of mountains and a desert called the Chaghi Sehra. Tourists with an interest in archeology will jump for joy because the Chaghi District is known as 'gold sparrow ' for its rich natural resources such silver, iron, copper, marble and gold!

Must Experience When in Chaghi District

Chagai Hills
Nushki Desert
Galangoor Mountain

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More About Chaghi District

The Ras Koh Hills a range of granite hills in Sulaiman Mountain Range stand on the mountainous side of Chaghi District. Tourists mostly visit the Ras Koh meaning 'gateway to the mountains ' to experience the nomadic, rural life of the locals which could be a good break from the fast paced life of urbanized centers. The district also offers a once in a lifetime opportunity to explore an inactive volcano with its surrounding areas rich in minerals such Onyx a dark green, superior quality marble.

The district is also a source of Sulphur as well as chromite. In short, Chaghi is an explorer archeologist\'s dream come true!

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