The ethereal hilly terrain and the well equipped tourist resorts at Malakand are just two of the reasons why the district is such a hit with tourists. The region is embraced by mountains rich in natural minerals, chromite iron, china clay and fuller's earth. The Malakand District includes Swat, Dir Upper and Lower, Shangla, Buner and Chitral all of which have attracted a bevy of tourists over the years.

Must Experience When in Malakand District

Swat Valley
Kalam Valley
Malam Jabba Ski Resort
Shangla Top
Mahodand Lake
Mighty Falls

Trips you can experience

More About Malakand District

The Swat Expressway has made this region extremely accessible and opened up awe inspiring regions like Kalam a valley replete with beautiful natural waterfalls, crystal clear lakes and snow capped mountains. The expressway leads to other scenic vistas of Maho Dhand, Maindan, Malam Jabba, Pir Baba in Buner and Bahrain in Swat. All these stations have fully furnished and luxurious hotels and motels overlooking the lush green lands and mountainous terrain of Malakand.

Malam Jabba single handedly attracts a deluge of tourists because of its skiing resorts and chair lift rides at affordable prices. The ski range situated in the Hindu Kush Mountains is an ideal vacation spot for all the daredevils who wish to swoosh through the valley into the arms of the snow tipped mountains.

The resort includes two 800 meter ski runs, 4 chairlifts, both five and three star hotels and two trekking trails.

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