Jamshoro District is a lovechild of spiritualism and heritage. Dive into a spiritual experience by visiting the Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai's Shrine in Bhit Shah embraced by bustling bazaars offering Sindhi crafts and memorabilia. Listening to the sufi kalams by local musicians here is an outer body experience essential for anyone who feels lost in life's chaos. Sehwan Sharif is another city in Jamshoro District that attracts tourists who want to delve into Sindh's spirituality. Jamshoro District is also famous for the Ajrak manufacturers here. Visitors can get ace quality Ajrak Sindh's signature designs and patterns on shawls, stoles and shirts made by using block print stamps.

Must Experience When in Jamshoro District

Sehwan Sharif
Shah Abdulatif Bhitai\'s Shrine
Kirthar National Park
Haleji Birds Watching

Trips you can experience

More About Jamshoro District

Ranikot Fort also known as the 'Great Wall of Sindh ' is a crumbling masterpiece considered to be one of the largest forts in the world and a must visit for tourists. The district has also garnered popularity and global recognition because of its expansive hunting grounds. Experience the giddy excitement and danger on the hunting grounds as you chase ibexes and wild goats in Kirthar National Park. Kirthar road itself also offers memorable off road experiences as tourists get to go out in the wilderness, explore the wildlife in their natural habitat and indulge in bird watching.

Other tourist attractions include Lal Bagh and many more!

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