Karachi is the metropolis and the business centre of Pakistan. An exotic tango of Islamic and modern architecture, the district is a treat for lovers of modernised urban spaces. Check out Mohatta Palace to experience Islamic and colonial architecture come together in a harmonious marriage. Head to Quaid's Mausoleum, a monument built on Islamic architectural blueprints and with a small museum inside. Get a crash course in the events that led to the birth of the nation here and take pictures that need no filters in the lush green gardens within the Mausoleum.

Must Experience When in Karachi Thatta District

Mazar e Quaid
Hawksbay Beach
Mangrove Forest
Mohatta Palace
Makli Necropolis
Shah Jahan Mosque

Trips you can experience

More About Karachi Thatta District

Beach lovers rejoice because the metropolis gives you access to the azure indescribable Arabian Sea where you can enjoy camel and horseback rides, splash in the sea or take a boat ride from Kemari. The boat ride takes you out into the deep blue sea while locals prepare a delectable meal with freshly caught and cooked seafood. Moreover the city also offers scenic views and picnic spots at Hawksbay, French Beach, Turtle Beach and many more! Charna Island is a small island in the Arabian Sea approximately 6 7 kilometres away from Karachi. The island has recently become the touristic centre of Karachi as it offers water sports such as cliff diving, scuba diving, jet skiing and snorkeling. Visit Port Grand an open air food under the wing of Karachi's massive port that is connected to the city through Native Jetty Bridge.

Architecture lovers also get their concrete fix in Saddar Bazaar that boasts clusters of old colonial and indo influenced heritage buildings and structures. Indulge in retail therapy at Saddar or head to Karachi\'s buzzing shopping streets like Empress Market, Zamzama and Tariq Road to get your hands on ethnically rich souvenirs, clothings and jewelry. Karachi welcomes the new year with a plethora of food festivals and concerts. Plan your trip around the first quarter of the year to witness the city come alive with two of the biggest food festivals: Karachi Eat Festival and Coke Food and Music Festival.

Other tourist attractions Zainab Market for subcontinental arts and crafts and Mohatta Palace in Karachi, Windmills at Jhampir, Keti Bunder wildlife sanctuary and mangrove forest in Thatta, Keenjhar Lake, Haleji Lake, Shah Jahan Mosque and Makli Necropolis in Thatta.

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