Bahawalpur District is a dream come to true for tourists who are mesmerized by the flamboyance and grandeur of Mughal architecture. This district in the south of Punjab, holds a rich historical anchor that dates back to 1802. One of these monuments enriched with the quintessential Mughal lavishness and elegance is the Darbar Mehal. The fort now under the control of Pakistan Army is an ace tourist attraction due to its unique fusion of East Indian and Arabic architecture.

Must Experience When in Bahawalpur District

Noor Mahal
Derawar Fort
Gulzar Palace
Darbar Mahal
Cholistan Desert
Bibi Jawindi Tomb Uch

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More About Bahawalpur District

The district is an ode to royalty reflecting in most of its monuments including Derawar Fort, Sadiq Garh Palace and Abbasi Mosque which is a replica of Moti Mahal in Delhi. The tomb Bibi Jind Waddi in Uch is another tourist attraction as the crumbling monument proudly represents the deep seated religious influences of the district. Bahawalpur District, due to its history etched in royalty and nawab culture, is also home to many exotic animals and birds. The Lal Suhanra National Park is a must visit for animal lovers as the national park gives tourists an opportunity to watch the rare Chinkara Gazelle in its natural habitat.

Other tourist attractions include Noor Mahal, Panjnad the meeting point of five major tributaries of River Indus.

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