Pristine coastal waters, marine islands, challenging sea cliffs, and beaches spread out over a 650km stunning coastline of the Arabian Sea are some of the offerings on your left side. On your right, you witness one of the region’s largest national parks, mud volcanoes, desert sites and archaeological sites dating back to 7000BC. In between these two extremes you find hidden cultures and the various tribes of the Makran Baloch. With more than a hundred sites to visit in this region, our trip condenses it down to the best in a fast moving, action-packed adventure road trip. Delectable seafood will be on the diet for the most parts, but you also will experience the diet of the arid desert region including camel meat and goat meat cooked in nomadic styles. You will swim and surf the shores, jet-ski, and go boating on the deeper waters, hike mountain gorges, sea cliffs, and mud volcanoes. You will witness the Baloch folklore of Sassi Punnuh along the way, and visit shrines and temples dating back hundreds of years. We have also added the fascinating monoliths of Princess of Hope and Sphinx at the Hingol National Park carved by nature itself and the site of Shahi Tump in Turbat. Here’s a 10-day itinerary to get you excited for this thrill-packed adventure ahead.



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