Follow the trail, aim, and shoot! This tour packs a whole lot of action and adventure for the prowling thrill-seekers who like to hunt responsibly and professionally. Although the game on this hunt will primarily be ungulates, we offer up to 3 categories of licensed hunts ranging from Ibex and Urial, Deers and Wild Hogs, to Gamebirds and Rabbits. All permits are obtained in line with the Sindh Wildlife Department approvals, which includes the provision of hunting guides and gamekeepers. Kirthar Trophy Hunting & Safari package gives you your single shot to thrill as we chase some of the most valuable international hunting trophies on the rugged terrain of Kirthar in our powerful 4x4. Get on a nerve challenging prowl with us through the thick bushes, high mountains, vast valleys, deep gorges and uneven plains of Kirthar National Park and Bhambore to find your next target. Your hunting excursions come packaged with premium campsite experiences, and site and culture tours. For the non-hunters we provide a unique safari wildlife experience where you get to chase the trail of wild exotic animals such as Sindh Ibex and Blanford Urials up in the mountains. You can go wildlife spotting for the rare and threatened Chinkara Gazelle, Sindh Leopard, Stripped Hyena, Desert Wolf or go birdwatching with over 58 species in the park. Experience the wild Sindh, taste exotic cuisines, and witness new cultures amidst their rich archaeological past. Here is a 9-day itinerary to get you excited about our trip. Let’s explore!



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