Thrill-packed trekking amongst snow-capped peaks, delicious Pakistani food at campsites, and the sound of cascading glacial lakes! If reading this tickles your fancy, let us introduce you to our Trek the Patundas Ridges package. It’s a trek and treats time across the mountainous region of the famous 3 (Karakorum, Himalaya, and Hindukush) made more memorable with piping hot food and comfortable conveyance every step of the way. Devour on local delicacies at our meticulously selected premium campsites and gaze at the stars without worrying about your next move. Explore the buzzing bazaars of Karimabad, indulge in retail therapy, and strike conversations with locals to truly experience the multi-faceted culture of this region. Moreover, our Trek the Patundas Ridges package transports you to the Gandharan Civilization and guides you through ancient Buddhist trajectories, majestic visuals, museums, and monasteries. All of this in three simple steps: 1) Book this tour, 2) book a ticket to Islamabad, and 3) relax. We take it from there to carve the best experience for you. Here’s an end-to-end itinerary of the 9-day trip to make things easier for you.



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